Million dollar smiles for every budget

Million dollar smiles for every budget

Cutting edge procedures for a smile like no other

Cutting edge procedures for a smile like no other

Love your smile

Love your smile

Cutting edge procedures for a smile like no other

Cutting edge procedures for a smile like no other

Overseas Dental Solutions Provides Dental Treatment In Thailand & Assists You To Achieve Your Ultimate Beauty Dreams

We are your complete "one stop" medical tourism facilitator. We connect you to our network of internationally accredited hospitals in Thailand, where leading dentists practice in state of the art facilities, using the latest technologies to allow you to save up to 50%-70% off the price, of comparable treatments here in Australia.

Overseas Dental Treatment In Bangkok Thailand

Overseas Dental Solutions recommends that whilst on holidays Thailand wide in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, you consult our network of dentists for dental services like Root canal, implants, Periodontal Surgery, Tooth Bonding and Gum Lift, Sinus Lift, Wisdom Tooth extractions, Bone Grafting.


Overseas Dental Solutions address's the three top reasons why people avoid going to the dentist by:

  • Making dental treatments affordable for all,
  • working towards the patient's greatest comfort,


  • Dental costs not totally covered by Insurance in Australia.
  • Mix dental care with pleasure.
  • World leading dentists
  • Faster treatment.

The Dental Travelers Guide to Thailand
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Dental Treatment in Exotic Thailand at Affordable Rates
With the rise of medical tourism, Overseas Dental Solutions welcomes tourists from all over the world to our one stop solution for cosmetic dentistry. We are dental facilitators delivering quality results with our team of proficient dentists. We use best oral procedures in our Sea Smile Dental Clinic at Bangkok and boast of state of the art facilities in our hospitals to offer top-class quality dentistry work. Our aim is to provide you a dazzling smile at cost effective prices.
  • Thailand has emerged as a preferable overseas treatment destination. Our renowned dentists offer the best of care with their experience and expertise at our Sea Smile Dental Clinic Bangkok.
  • Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok in Thailand are very good tourist destinations attracting thousands of tourists every year. Many people prefer to combine their medical procedures with leisure vacations.
  • Dental treatment in Thailand is faster compared to countries like Australia, where you have to wait for months to get an appointment. As a facilitator, we have tie-ups with travel agencies who make all the necessary arrangements like flight, accommodation and appointment with dentists promptly.

Dental treatment prices are high in Australia. Moreover, the entire cost is not covered by insurance companies especially cosmetic treatments. Hence, instead of burning a hole in your pocket, avail dental treatment in Thailand in reputed hospitals at low rates.
High cost of dental work in Australia and many other countries has boosted medical tourism, whereby people travel overseas for oral care solution and treatments at cost effective rates. With advanced dentistry treatments in Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok, you can now have the brilliant smile you desired at a reasonable price at Sea Smile Dental Clinic in Bangkok.

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