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Who We Are

Who We Are


Overseas Dental Solutions is a team of passionate professionals. The team is driven by the common goal of offering highly effective, yet affordable solutions for dental treatments in Thailand.


The team is headed by Tania, a dynamic and compassionate worker. Before commencing Overseas Dental Solutions, Tania held executive account management positions for top 500 listed companies in Australia. She prides herself in identifying customer needs, offering a high level of customer service and exceeding expectations. Her desire to assist patients in finding best solutions for their individual needs is paramount.


Tania’s warm and friendly approach allows her to work seamlessly with you to find the best solution that not only suits your needs, but also your pocket. Her friendly nature has helped her nurture several long-term relationships. Many of her corporate clients are still in touch with her.


How the team began

Tania’s partner has been a dental technician for over 25 years. His dealings with VIPs and celebrities have been too numerous to mention. (Besides, we respect patient privacy and are not able to disclose names) One thing that definitely stands out is their perfect teeth as they smile for the cameras. And now anyone, yes even you can enjoy the same treatments and have perfect teeth, for less than you thought!


Over the years, Tania and her partner have been approached by countless patients and their families, friends and colleagues, who wish to grasp an understanding of the options that they as patients have. The realization that patients were over whelmed with dental procedures and jargon and also unaware of alternative solutions available was a real and expensive problem.


It was then that it occurred to the team at Overseas Dental Solutions, that there was a real requirement for specialist dental information and advice on the options that patients could peruse by traveling overseas, in particular to Thailand, for their dental treatments.


Overseas Dental Solutions decided to offer the best possible solutions and outcomes to patients byleveraging their technical knowledge and experience. The solutions, for patients to feel comfortable about and are free to make their own educated decisions.

The freedom of choice is back in the hands of the patient. So if you are ready to make your choice, click here for a quote.


What Drives the Team?

Overseas Dental Solution is driven by the mission:

  • To provide safe and affordable alternatives to patients who require dental procedures, world wide


Overseas Dental Solutions vision is:

  • Be a trusted facilitator of choice, connecting patients to the best, world known, state of the art medical facilities;
  • Commitment in educating patients on options available, so they are empowered to make great choices.

  • To make a difference in the lives of all people so that they can live freely, healthier and happier lives;
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