What is Crown Lengthening?

Written by admin on June 15, 2018

If you’ve got a smile that shows lots of the gum then you have what is termed a gummy smile.

Generally the teeth beneath the gums are the right cosmetic dimensions in terms of form, shape and size. However, the amount of the tooth that is visible above the gum line is minimal. There is too much gum tissue covering the teeth.

Crown lengthening is a procedure that is suitable for gummy smile patients, that gets rid of excess gum tissue. The bone under the gum line is adjusted and it exposes the natural tooth from beneath the gum line. It provides a straighter gum line, makes the teeth look longer in length and makes a smile aesthetically pleasing.

Why is Crown Lengthening required?

Crown lengthening procedure is suitable for patients who:

  • have excess or a high gum line and the surface of the teeth that is shown is minimal
  • have broken or fractured teeth beneath the gum line
  • the tooth is so worn down that it cannot support a new crown or veneer

How is Crown Lengthening Treatment Performed?

The procedure is fast and efficient with the use of Laser Dentistry. This procedure is typically completed under 1 hour and can be completed under local anaesthesia.

The dental laser removes the gum tissue and re-contours the underlying bone and the gum tissue surrounding it. The dental lasers are safe and operate with extreme precision and efficiency. The dental laser greatly reduces the amount of gum and tissue bleeding. The laser seals off the gum tissue around the bone and tooth that has been re-contoured in to the desired shape.

The dentist will first need to examine your condition to ascertain if crown lengthening is the right dental treatment for correcting the gummy smile. From there a suitable treatment plan will be discussed. To find out more about correcting your gummy smile, contact us.

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