Dental Tourism is still going strong after decades

Written by admin on May 18, 2014
Dental Implants

Every year there is a significant rise in the cost of dental procedures in Australia. Inflation has a direct impact on every sector of life and this impact is double when it comes to health sector. The rise in dental costs is disproportionate.


In Australia, patients question the cost of dental treatment which is three times more than the costs of dental treatment completed in Thailand. Thousands of patients each year encounter the same problem of not being able to afford dental treatment in Australia. Now there is a safe and affordable way via dental tourism in Thailand.


Dental tourism has been alive and well for decades.You can easily find travel agent advisors and hosts who specialize in helping clients to plan their journey to Thailand with a combined need for dental treatment.People from developing countries leave home in search of higher quality dental care services in the United States, Europe and Australia. In turn Americans, Europeans and Australians driven by price are travelling to countries such as India, China and Thailand seeking dental treatment at significantly lower fees than those charged at home for apparently comparable treatments.


In recent years, private health insurers have paid more than $1.7 billion for dental treatments. This is almost 50% of the total amount they paid for general treatments. Now insurance companies are giving more benefits on dental treatments than any other type of medical services. Many consumers complain about the gap between charges of dental treatment and the amount paid by their respective insurance companies.


On the other hand the city of Bangkok is becoming the most popular dental services hub in South-East Asia. A Huge number of people travel from US, Europe and Australia for dental treatment which is not very expensive in Thailand and at the same time they can enjoy their holidays visiting countless tourist attractions such as historical sites, old markets and indigenous lifestyles along the canals of Thailand. Due to this attractive package Thailand is still one of the best places to visit overseas for dental treatment.


Thailand is providing dental services in some of the most beautiful resorts of the world, and with prices so low that you will be surprised at just how affordable your dental treatment will be there.

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