Dental Work in Thailand Hospitals

Written by admin on November 20, 2014
Dental Work in Thailand

When you are travelling to Thailand for dental work, it is important to remember that not all dental work is performed in standard surgeries. There are many dental hospitals in Thailand where more extensive dental work may be performed. In many cases, these hospitals are patronized almost entirely by patients who are traveling in order to receive more affordable dental care than what they can receive here in Australia. When you elect to travel abroad for your dental work, it is important to find out where your dental work will be completed. You may want to work with a travel service such as Overseas Dental Solutions so that you can be sure of the quality of care that you will be receiving at Thailand’s dental hospitals.


What are the advantages of traveling for dental work?


It may surprise you to find out that traveling abroad in order to receive dental work is becoming more and more popular among dental patients today. Many dentists in Thailand have received their training at higher learning institutions in Australia, Europe and the United States. They then return to help people in their own country achieve brighter, healthier smiles. This means that when you travel to Thailand for dental care, you can receive the same level of treatment as you would expect in a dental surgery in Australia, while paying far less. In fact, many patients find that even with travel costs included their dental work is far cheaper than what they would have paid in Australia.


What types of treatments are performed in our partner network of dental hospitals in Thailand?


Hospitals in Thailand can complete a wide range of dental work. This includes cosmetic dentistry treatments such as porcelain inlays or onlays, dental crown placement, tooth whitening. Surgery for full smile restorations, periodontal treatment and maxillofacial treatment is performed as well. These treatments are often extensive, and will require more visits to the hospital for follow -ups. Receiving treatment in a hospital also makes scheduling sedation far easier and more convenient for both you and your dentist.


Dental travel: a word of caution!


While many dental hospitals in Thailand rely on foreign travelers for the majority of their patient load, It is important to remember that not every dental hospital and surgery in Thailand will adhere to the same rigorous standards of quality and care that you are used to. It is best to carefully research not only your caregivers but the facilities that they work in and the hospitals that they contract with. That is why when you choose to travel abroad for your dental work, it is best to work with a service like Overseas Dental Solutions. Each of the hospitals in our partner network has been personally viewed. We interviewed the dentists who will be performing your dental work also. This ensures that you will be receiving care at hospitals with only the most up to date equipment, as well as dentists who use only the latest treatment procedures and techniques.

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