Dentistry in Thailand: Healthy Holidays in Paradise

Written by admin on May 5, 2014
Dental Work in Thailand

When you think about Thailand, do you picture only white sand beaches, turquoise water and tons of palm trees? If so, you’re not on the wrong path, but you are definitely missing something important because Thailand has all this and more. You’ve probably heard that this beautiful country is also known as the land of the smiles. In fact, Thailand’s dentistry is so good it attracts thousands of people every year not only because it’s affordable but mostly because it’s one of the finest in the world.


Wheather you need crowns, veneers, bridges, tooth whitening or major surgery, Thailand has some of the best trained dental professionals, who perform top notch treatment in your mouth at highly competitive rates.


And you don’t need to worry. Health care standards in Thailand are very high and are on par to European, American or Australian medical standards. Actually, in most cases it’s a lot better. Instead of the aggressive dentists you’re probably used to visiting, Thailand’s dentists are very gentle and friendly, and will make you feel good at all times.


Apart from that, the customer service is amazing and it definitely makes a difference to the patient feeling comfortable. In most places in the world, a 10 minutes delay in your medical appointment is more than usual. In Thailand punctuality is golden, and if there is any delay the personel will do their best to make you comfortable, offering you a cup of coffee, something to read or even a rug if you’re feeling cold. And apart from that, our affiliated hospitals are very comfortable, immaculate and modern. You may have internet, drinks and even spas to have a relaxing massage and cut down the stress before visiting the dentist.


There is one thing that, you need to take into consideration. Dental treatments are different, and as such, will require different time periods that you need to stay in Thailand for the treatment. Some procedures may take only an hour while others will take a few hours, some require multiple visits and others don’t. For example having a filling done in 1 hour verses having a root canal, then a crown done which requires multiple visits. At Overseas Dental Solutions, we can help by telling you the duration of your stay. This is based on your dental requirements after the completion of the assessment and quotation.


Having multiple treatments shouldn’t be a problem at all. Actually, think of it as the perfect excuse for an ideal holiday. What could be better than recovering from your gum lift in complete privacy, with the best professional attention and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes? Thailand’s weather is lovely all year round; you can go on your dental holidays whenever it’s best for you. Just enjoy Thailand in peace and comfort, and relax in a world-class resort or experience the serenity as you walk on many luxurious beaches, watching the world pass you by, with no worries, no rushes and no inconveniences at all.


And if you feel you’ve had enough of peace and comfort, is this even possible? Thailand is also fabulous for dinning, shopping and enjoying little luxuries. Considering dentistry in Thailand costs around 50% of what your local dentist would charge, you’ll still have plenty of money to spend on such experiences and still have change!


So if you’re planning to have your teeth fixed, visiting Thailand is a great option to peruse. We can help you with all the arrangements, so don’t hesitate to contact us at Overseas Dental Solutions. We’ll be happy to organize your dental holidays for you! Apart from paying a fraction of the price, you’ll be struck by the professionalism of local doctors and quality of the facilities. And between a root canal and an implant, you can relax in many beach paradises that Thailand is famous for. Ready to get an impeccable smile?

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