Top 5 beaches in Thailand

Written by admin on April 30, 2014

Thailand is a country best known for its beaches of emerald warm water and white sand. There are so many beaches that offer options for all tastes such as for romance, adventure, party, and also family vacactions with children. If you come with your kids, they’ll sure have the time of their lives and, since the Thai love children so much, especially toddlers, they’ll get smiles and attention from everyone they meet.


If you are planning you family trip to Thailand, probably some of the beaches your kids will enjoy the most are in the beautiful Ko Samui. This one is the most family-friendly island in Thailand, with many well-equipped resorts for children, and a staggering variety of activities for kids of all ages. While there are many activities to do, it’s not over crowded. Except when the full moon party takes place and the island gets packed with tourists. Parents can also relax and enjoy themselves in a quiet atmosphere. Some of the best beaches for families in Ko Samui are:


  • Bo Phut
    Young children will adore Bo Phut since the smooth waves let them frolic and swim happily and, because there are so many families, it’s quite easy for them to find play mates to share the day with. While the kids splash, snorkel or scuba-dive treat yourself with a great Thai massage and then take a walk along the main street where you’ll find trendy stores in old reconverted Chinese buildings. You can end your quiet evening in any of the fine restaurants of the village, which are the delight of any food lover. However, if you’re looking for something with more of a hippy feeling, there is the traditional Fisherman’s Village at the east end of the beach. Apart from the activities on the beach, there is not much else to do but relax and take in the views. When the Friday Walking Market takes place with stalls of street food, music and live performances, the area is bustling with people.
  • Mae Nam
    This 7 kilometres beach with golden sand is located in a charming bay of calm waters, ideal for the youngest and great for swimming or practising water sports. No matter if you choose an unexpensive bungalow or a high end resort, Mae Nam is a laid back village made for relaxing in privacy. Enjoy the priceless sunsets with views on the surrounding islands and then go to any of the local bars for a cocktail.
  • Chaweng beach
    This pristine beach with powerful waves and a coral reef is the best one if you have older children. Here they can not only practise water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing or snorkelling, but also have fun in the many pubs and dance clubs. Enjoy yourself in any of the sophisticated bars and restaurants close to the beach and check the charming crafts stores along the main road. Being the most popular spot in the island, Chaweng beach is the perfect place for lovers of hustle and bustle. However, it’s crowded with tourists, so don’t expect much of a relaxed atmosphere!

    The Phuket area, the most popular in the country, also has a variety of options for families travelling with their children. Phuket is known as “the pearl of the South” and is without any doubt the most developed island in Thailand with options for every budget and interest. Even if the Patong beach is the most popular one, there are better options for family vacations, specially for older kids. The best of them is Kata beach.

  • Kata
    Kata is a cozy village, perfect destination for families with children of any age and budget, where you’ll find accomodation to cater all tastes, from large resorts to guesthouses. Practise watersports, embark on a boat trip or just relax in the warm azure water with gentle waves, ideal for younger kids. Stroll along any of the two scenic beaches with lined palm trees and lay down on the soft white sand when the sun goes down, with the back drop of a small offshore island. And in case you want to experience a bit more of the nightlife, Patong is very close.
  • Pattaya
    Pattaya is a busy city in the Gulf of Thailand, not far from Bangkok. Its beach is pretty crowded with tourists, umbrellas and jet skis, and even if the sea here is not the best in Thailand, the beach is fine and you can rent a lounge chair or have a relaxing Thai massage. However, the best of Pattaya is the great infrastructure of resorts, restaurants, bars and malls, which offer an endless source of entertainment for all ages. From amusement parks to dance clubs, from watersports to movies and shopping, you won’t get bored and prices are really inexpensive. If you’re an urbanite, Pattaya is definitely the perfect destination for you.
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