Impacted Tooth – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Written by admin on January 15, 2015
Impacted Tooth

What is an Impacted Tooth?


An impacted tooth is a tooth that fails to erupt within a specific period of time. This kind of tooth is retained throughout the patient’s lifetime unless it is exposed surgically or extracted. Causes of impacted tooth are among other things adjacent teeth, excessive soft tissue, a genetic abnormality or dense overlying bone. The most common cause of impaction is inadequate arch length and space in which a tooth needs to erupt in. The teeth that are predominantly impacted are third molars because they are the last to erupt.


As a general rule, all impacted teeth should be removed. However, canine teeth do not need surgery, and they may remain buried without causing any further problems. An X-ray is required to determine whether there are impacted teeth inside the mouth.


There are several other symptoms of an impacted tooth. They include bad breath, occasional difficulty of opening the mouth, headache or jaw ache, pain or tenderness of the gums, swollen lymph nodes of the neck, visible gap where the tooth did not emerge, unpleasant taste when biting down on the area and so on.


As previously said, impacted canine teeth do not need treatment. However, they can cause problems in medium to long-term periods. Namely, the tooth can continue to grow behind other teeth, and it can happen that an impacted tooth damages adjacent teeth by eating away parts of the roots. Sometimes a cyst can develop in the vicinity of the crown of the impacted tooth, and this can push other teeth out of their original position. If the impacted canine tooth poses a problem for a patient, then it may have to be removed. It is always a good option for your dentist to perform regular x-rays of your teeth in order to oversee the development of the buried tooth.


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