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Dental Restoration Treatment Clinic Thailand Restoration Surgery Procedures Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok

Dental Restorations Treatment in Thailand and Vietnam


Overseas Dental Solution partnered dental clinic and hospitals provide dental restoration surgery such as All in 4 treatment, Implants and Zirconia crowns. Dental clinics and hospitals operate in cities including Bangkok,Chang Mai. Phuket. Pattaya in Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.


A few of the treatments and procedures are below :


Porcelain fused to metal crowns: (PFM)

These crowns are made of ceramic material that is fused to metal. PFM crowns have become popular as the metal and porcelain combination provides great strength and stability to the crown.



Zirconia crowns are made of crystal material and are an alternative to PFM’s. Aesthetics are far more superior, can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and have the similar strength of PFMs. Due to the nonuse of metals in Ziconia’s, patients are less likely to have any allergic reaction.


E-Max: a press-able ceramic

The E-Max crown has proven to be effective in repairing damaged, stained or deteriorating teeth. It is made from lithium disilicate glass ceramic. The best part about E-MAX crowns are that, they don’t have a metal base and therefore it doesn’t adversely affect the appearance of the gums. This also has high true aesthetics to natural looking teeth.


Porcelain veneers

These are conventional and effective solutions for common dental problems like discoloration, cracks, worn enamel, and chips. The veneers themselves are thin layers of porcelain material that is placed on the surface of the teeth. Porcelain veneers are also suitable for acute problems like dullness, wear and tear and uneven spacing.



An Implant is a fixture that replicates a root as it is screwed into your jaw bone. Its purpose is to fuse to the bone and support a crown, bridge and denture.


Restorative Dentistry Treatments in Bangkok, Thailand and Chi Minh City, Vietnam

All on 4 treatments are permanent and screw-retained options for those for you looking to get the lower and upper set of teeth implanted. It is best suited for patients who have advanced conditions of tooth loss, dental decay and severe bone loss in the jaw.


All on 6 implants are similar to all on 4 implants, in the sense that the procedure uses a range of high-tech dental implants to support crowns or dentures. It differs from the All In 4 as it consists of six implants positioned just inside the jawbone. And each implant is designed to integrate and function just like a natural tooth root does, ensuring solidity and support.


With all the above treatments and restorations, we encourage you to discuss suitability with Overseas Dental Solutions, as every case is different and may not be suitable for your particular requirement.

Dental Treatments and Restorations in Thailand from Overseas Dental Solutions Australia

Overseas Dental Solution, Australia promises to provide quality dental restoration and treatments with professionals offering dentistry services at dental treatment centre in Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. These dental treatments clinic in Bangkok specialize in complete range of procedures. Pattaya, Phuket and Thailand also have the same specialities like in Australia, but at cheaper rates. Some of the specialities of our centres are:

  • Tooth filling: Regular Tooth filling is performed by experienced dentists.
  • Zirconia crowns: Material of Zirconia crowns is made of crystal. Zirconia is used more as it causes no allergic reaction.
  • Surgery: Small tooth surgeries are performed easily by the dental specialists.
  • Restorative dentistry: For the patients suffering from dental decay, jaw bone loss and tooth loss, restoration treatment is best suited. These implants function just like natural tooth giving full support.
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