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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i travel overseas to Thailand for dental procedures?

  • Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have been traveling and undertaking treatment in Asia's medical hub Thailand for decades
  • Excellent value for money. The favourable exchange rates are a huge factor in making dental treatments so cost effective. Some patients can expect to save up to 70% in comparison to Australian dental bills
  • NO waiting lists apply
  • Thailand Government has supported the local dentistry industry by spending of millions of dollars which means that there is complete infrastructure to support international patients
  • Many doctors and surgeons are trained at two internationally renowned dental hospitals - Chulalongkol University and Mahidol University in Thailand. Other dental health practitioners have studied in countries including but not limited to: Australia, UK, Germany and the United States
  • Many doctors have multiple qualifications, are professors, specialists and have expert status

Why use overseas hospitals and surgeries?

The affiliated hospitals and surgeries in our network are world renowned, have a reputation for dental excellence, utilise best practice methodologies in conjunction with high tech, state of the art equipment.

How do I know that the standard of dental care is the same in Australia?

The Medical Council is the overall governing body of dentistry practice in Thailand. The council regulates the manner in which dentists in Thailand operate and sets out the rules and regulations to which they must adhere to.
The dentists have years of experience and are highly qualified. They are unrivalled experts in their fields. The dentists in our network are licenced by the Thai Ministry of Health. The hospitals and surgeries themselves must have medical licences to practice and have been awarded accreditation for International Standards Organisation's ISO 9001:2000. For additional information about the ISO, click here
Overseas Dental Solutions has engaged in extensive research and utilised over 25 years of dental industry experience to ensure that only the finest doctors and surgeons treat you.
Such in-depth exposure to the dental field has equipped the team at OSD with a unique understanding of requirements needed to provide excellent service and to maintain high levels of standards.
Additionally, as a part of our service offering to you, the client, we have travelled extensively overseas to source the best facilities. Our networks of surgeries and hospitals have been personally visited and hand-picked to assure you of quality.

Is traveling overseas for dental procedures safe?

The idea of traveling outside your own country for treatment may seem daunting for some. For decades Australian's, American's, English, German's expatriates, business people and holiday goers, have been traveling to Thailand for affordable, world class dental and medical treatments. It's only been the last few years that this little known secret has becoming more popular and accepted in Australia.

With our 25 years of dental experience, a network of the most respected hospitals and surgeries, safety standards and procedures that are 1st class, your natural curious mind will be put at ease.

Are the dental treatments performed in Australia safer than those performed in Thailand?

The standards in Thailand are equal to, and in most often than not, on par to ones at home. The reality is that hundreds of thousands of people have been traveling overseas to Thailand for dental treatments. Our networks of surgeries have world quality standards and are accreditation for International Standards Organisation's ISO 9001:2000. For additional information about the ISO, click here

How much money will i save?

Total savings are largely dependent upon your particular requirements. Conservatively, you can expect a 50%-70% reduction in the price in comparison to dentists in Australia.
To find out more how you can save OVER 50%-70% of your current dental costs, click here for a

Dental Assessment and Quote


Why is dental care in Thailand so much cheaper that in Australia?

There are a number of contributing factors to the considerable price differences:
  • Cost of living in Australia is much higher
  • We pay heavily for "specialist" health care professionals
  • Medical education and the associated fees may take many decades to pay off
  • Excessive operational costs
  • Hospital patient debt is out of control
  • Company practicing costs and insurances are terribly high
Thailand, on the other hand has:
  • Great exchange rates so you get real value for money
  • The overall cost of living in Thailand is much lower
  • Wages are lower and as such the hospitals & surgeries are able to hire more staff. So there is higher staff to patient ratios than those in Australia. As a result customer service response times are better
  • Specialist doctors & surgeons are quite the norm and so with a variety of speciality doctors, Thailand is spoilt with choice
By sourcing expert doctors & surgeries overseas, we are able offer treatment and surgery for much less than what you would have typically paid in Australia.

Do I need to organise a Visa to travel to Thailand?

If your stay in Thailand is under 30 days, no visa is required.

Can I bring someone to the hospital with me?

Yes, many choose to share their experience with a significant other or friend. Rooms quoted are usually for a single bed, however you are able to upgrade so that the person accompanying you can share the same room. Your traveling companion will be charged for their flights, meals and travel costs.

How long do I need to stay overseas for my treatment?

This will depend on the type of treatment that is selected. In most cases 7-10 days is ample for basic dental procedures. Complex and advanced procedures may require lengthier periods of stay. Noted on your quotation, we will provide you with the recommended time of your stay.

Can you help me to book hotel accommodation and transfers to the surgery?

Yes, we are able to book your hotel and arrange transfers for your ease. We would highly recommend that you stay and enjoy our “partner facilities” for several reasons:

  • We have arranged discounted rates for you to keep your costs for the dental experience as low as possible
  • You have unlimited access to the hotel's amenities
  • We can arrange priority concierge service to and from the dental hospital and surgeries
  • As you are a guest with Overseas Dental Solutions, you will be given priority service. The hotel understands the particular needs of our patients. So additional care, compassion and grace will be shown to you
  • The hotel staff are able to contact us directly if required
For ease and comfort, we are able to arrange all your travel requirements. When you fill out the

Dental Assessment and Quote Form here

, be sure to click the travel options that you would like us to arrange for you.

Do you have credit facilities available?

Yes we have "partner facilities" with Mac Credit. They are able to provide you with the option of easy and flexible payment plans. Please click here to find out more.

How do I prepare for my treatment?

Whilst in consultation with the dentist or surgeon who will be treating you, they will advise you on how to prepare.

Upon returning home, is there any follow up care?

Overseas Dental Solutions aim is to ensure your trip and treatment and the overall experience with us runs without a hassle.
We remain in contact with you and to do our best to meet your needs. Once you’re at home, we still offer our services to you by offering a post consultation with an expert technician at a small investment of $69.00. If you would like to book a

consultation please click here

Our recommendation is to advise your local dentist of your planned treatment overseas, so that your local dentists can provide any additional care if necessary.

Why should I use Overseas Dental Solutions?

At Overseas Dental Solutions, we assist you by:

  • Saving money about 50%-70% off typical costs here in Australia
  • Save time by arranging your treatment and trip from start to finish
  • Save you considerable effort by cutting through all the "confusing" information online and all the "dental and procedure jargon"

Click here to view 7 reasons why to choose us.

How can I book my dental treatment with Overseas Dental Solutions?

Easily! We do our best to ensure that from the initial contact you have with us to post treatment, you are treated with the uttermost respect and that your experience with us is one that will be pleasant and hassle free.
The 6 simple steps are as follows:

  1. Complete the Dental and Assessment Form
  2. Book a consultation with an expert technician
  3. We will provide you with your quotation for your perusal
  4. Once you accept the quotation with a deposit, we will commence the booking process with the hospital/surgeries, flights , accommodation and tours
  5. Confirmation of all booking is completed
  6. Bon Voyage!

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