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Let us help

Let us help


Where do you start? You don’t have a thorough understanding of what to do about your dental problems? Are you confused by the complicated medical terms explaining dental treatments? How do you ensure that you get the best possible treatment? Are you shocked about how much treatment it’s costing you here in Australia?


Welcome to Overseas Dental Solutions

We help Australian’s just like you! We connect you to our network of internationally accredited hospitals, where leading dentists practice in state of the art facilities using the latest technologies to allow you to save up to 50%-70% off the price of comparable treatments here in Australia.


We will make it simple for you. Overseas Dental Solutions guides you all the way from start through to post treatment. We are 100% customer-centric and ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

We follow the BODMAS system, putting your natural curious mind at ease and make your dental treatment in Thailand a very simple and rewarding experience.


Before Treatment Procedures:

Our first step is to help you decide what treatment(s) you require and may opt for. We can arrange a 30 minute consultation with an expert dental technician for a small investment of $69. This provides you with additional understanding of options that you have. We can also help you obtain dental X-rays.


Organise the two Ts: Travel and Treatment: We ensure that you get the best treatment with the same or higher comfort you would have in had Australia. Here is a list of what we are able to organise for your peace of mind:


    • Finance to cover you treatment
    • Flights
    • Travel insurance
    • Travellers list of what to pack
    • Group tours
    • VIP pick-up and drop-off to and from your hotel and dental appointments
    • Mobile phone
    • We arrange the dental appointments directly with the dentists and their staff
    • Place you on priority status for you treatment
    • Thoroughly discuss your dental case with the dentist directly using technical dentistry language
    • Able to translate the technical dental language into simple, straight forward language that you can relate to and understand


Dentist’s Specialisation: We have visited the facilities in Thailand where your treatment will take place. There are no surprises about what will be provided to you. We ensure that the dental care professionals attending to you are highly qualified, experienced and specialised in their field. This means when you opt for porcelain veneers, the dentist that we arrange for you will have expertise in cosmetic procedures.


Mission Accomplishment: We communicate and follow-up with you, the dentist and the nurses in order to check the progress of your treatment. Of course, let’s not forget the “fun” angle. We ensure that you have a great time by organizing recreational activities, tours and shopping quests in Thailand.


After Treatment Services: Once you are back from your wonderful holiday, we take feedback on your experience.


Savings: Helping you to save up to 70% off your dental costs.


Get started now

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