Seven Basic Steps And Tips On How To Brush Your Teeth Correctly

Written by admin on June 12, 2014
Brushing your teeth

Your teeth require adequate care and attention. Brushing your teeth twice a day, preferably once in the morning and again before going to bed is a must. It should be done to rid of various bacteria and leftover food in your mouth. With over 300 types of bacteria living in the human mouth, why wouldn’t you want to brush your teeth daily? Brushing your teeth properly can help to keep your teeth clean, healthy and your breath fresher for longer. Is vitally important

Dental care via brushing is essential for overall good oral health, but it must be done correctly to achieve good results. Not everyone knows the correct technique to brushing. Most people brush their teeth in the wrong direction, brushing left to right movement. The correct way to brushing your teeth is in an up to down motion, which we regard as a red-white-red movement. To learn how to brush your teeth correctly, follow these essential tips daily.

Seven Essential Tips on How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly For Good Dental Health

  1. Tilt your toothbrush head at an angle of 45 degrees into your mouth.
  2. Begin by brushing your front teeth in an up and down motion. The correct to way to brush is up and down, from the gums to the teeth.
  3. Brush your teeth in the up and down motion a few times, to help in reduce plaque build-up and stimulate your gums. This brushing action also massages the gums to enhance blood circulation.
  4. Once you have brushed the front of all your upper and lower teeth, ensure you repeat the process with your inside teeth. Remember to brush right to your back teeth.
  5. Inside your mouth, slowly move the brush back and forth in a gentle motion. Do this slowly so that your gums are not damaged by hard vigorous or quick brushing. Ensure you tooth brush is still tilted at the 45 degree angle to get around and the back of your upper and lower molars.
  6. Rinse out your mouth by swishing the water around your mouth. Repeat again.

Two things to remember are,

  • Eliminate the bad habit of brushing in a left-right movement with the front upper and lower teeth.
  • Rinse your brush .The best way to clean your toothbrush is by holding it under running water for some time. If you don’t have running water, you can place some water in a bowl and wiggle it around for a while.
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