Thailand’s Songkran Festival 2019

Written by admin on May 21, 2019
Thailand’s Songkran festival


Songkran festival is Thailand’s national holiday celebrating Thai New Year on the 13th to the 15th of April.

In eastern parts of the world, this festival it is also known as the water festival for a good reason. Every year in April, Thai’s and visitors alike participate in the rituals of wetting everyone and everything with water.
They use all types of things to douse water on each other such as buckets, water guns, pots and pans and water hoses. No one can safety walk down a street in April and not get wet. If you don’t want to be drenched with the water stay indoors!

Thousands of Thai’s and visitors alike partake in Songkran festival, which in loose translation means to change or to transform. Thai’s use this period to “wash away” their sins or bad luck and to start a new year fresh. It’s for the Thai’s to purify and cleanse their bodies & souls and to be blessed with good fortune and happiness for the year ahead. it is also customary for Thai’s to spend lots of time in “Wats” – Buddist monasteries praying and washing the Budda.

Being in Thailand to celebrate Thai New Year is exciting and electrifying. Just as well that April is the hottest month in Thailand –  your clothes will dry off in no time!

As the Thai’s say “Sa Wat Dee Pimai” – Happy New Year

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