Women’s Health Week September 2018

Written by admin on September 12, 2018

Women’s health week is a great reminder for all women to see a dentist for a dental consultation. Having a full dental consultation is very important as women are usually so busy that their dental health is overlooked. If a women’s dental health is overlooked for long periods of time of say over 12 months, then huge dental issues may be the result. And in the end it will cost more dollars to fix the issues.

Research conducted by the ADA found that 65% of Australians did not visit the dentist for 6mnths.A survey of Australian women in 2016 from the ADA andAWADS found that;

• 67.1% or 2/3rds of teenage girls have not seen a dentist as they are going through puberty
• Women who are pregnant didn’t see a dentist and/or delayed dental treatment due to the pregnancy
• Seventy percent (70%)of women who are at the start phase of menopause, did not visit a dentist in 6 months, even though 48.9%have signs of gum disease, 14.4% experience dry mouth and 26.9% have sensitive teeth.

The key message for Women’s health week 3-7th Sept is to look after yourself first no matter what age you are. Book those dental appointments, see that specialist your being meaning to see, call a friend and catch up over a coffee together and relax. Just get “stuff” done that will benefit your health and overall wellness.


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