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Periodontal Treatment Thailand Tooth Gum Lift Clinic Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok Thailand



Gum lifts

Gum lift refers to a procedure done by the dentist with the aim of reshaping the gums in order to provide more pleasing smile. The procedure is mostly done on the front teeth since they are the visible teeth when smiling. In the past, gum lift involved cutting the gums which took weeks to recover. In the modern world, gum lift can be done with the use of Lasers and the recovery is very minimal. A local anesthesia is administered by dentists by cutting and reshaping the gum line in order to make it more visually appealing.


DENTAL BONDING Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok Thailand

The use of lasers will ensure no or little bleeding since lasers automatically seals off blood vessels. Modern procedure is quick and the gums can easily be raised or lowered depending on the need required. After the procedure is completed, instructions given by the dentist to the patient should be followed. Too much gum should not be removed since areas below the gum line can be exposed.


Dental bonding

Tooth bonding is also referred to as dental bonding. Tooth bonding involves applying tooth colored resin to the tooth and a special light is used for hardening.

Dental bonding can be done to achieve various purposes which include:


  • Repair of decayed teeth,
  • Repair of cracked teeth,
  • Improves the appearance of the teeth,
  • It closes the spaces between teeth,
  • It changes the shape of the teeth and makes teeth look longer.


The procedure of having tooth bonded starts with preparation Anaesthesia can be used if bonding is used to fill a tooth which is decayed. A shade guide will be used by the dentist in order to select a composite resin color that matches the color of the patient’s teeth.


Tooth bonding is well known to be the cheapest and the easiest procedure among many. Dental bonding ensures that the least amount of enamel is removed fillings, veneers and crowns are examples of restorative procedures.


Some disadvantages of dental bonding are as follows:

  • The material used in dental bonding does not resist stains;
  • The bonding materials do not last for long and bonding materials are not as strong as other restorative procedures.

Because of such limitations, the procedure is best suited for small cosmetic changes.


Periodontal diseases

Bleeding gums and swollen gums are some signs of gum being infected by bacteria. The infection can spread if nothing is taken into consideration. The infection can destroy the structure that supports the teeth thereby leading to periodontal surgery. The infections of the structures around the teeth are referred to as periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases include: cementum covering the root, gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament.


Bacteria in dental plaque are the cause of periodontal disease. Plaque refers to the sticky substance that forms on the teeth after brushing. The cells of the immune system release substances that can damage the gums in an effort to get rid of the bacteria. Teeth can also become loose if they have been damaged by periodontal disease. Regular visit to the dentist and regular practice of oral good hygiene prevents periodontal disease.

Best Dental Bonding Clinic in Pattaya

We feel proud to announce the periodontal surgery in Bangkok and tooth bonding treatment in Pattaya offered are part of Overseas Dental Solution, Australia. We have dental clinics in Phuket, Thailand for tooth bonding. Our affordable periodontal options, gum lift and tooth bonding treatment would leave you completely satisfied, treatment available in Thailand clinic.

Tooth Bonding or Dental bonding is beneficial for you

  • It repairs your decayed teeth and cracked tooth
  • Improves the overall teeth appearance
  • Changes the teeth shape and closes the space between them

Procedure of Gum Lifts

  • It is generally done on the front teeth to improve the smile.
  • It no more involves cutting gums that take long time to repair.
  • Performed using lasers in less time and minimal pain.

Anaesthesia is used by dentists while treatment.

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