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Treatment TypeUnitPrice in Thai BahtPrice in AUD (approx.)
General Dentistry
Check up, treatment plan and consultationvisitFreeFree
X-ray Films
Periapical film (small dental film)film1505.7
Panoramic (big full mouth x-ray: digital) OPGfilm1,00039
Cephalometric (big profile x-ray: digital)film1,00039
3D CT ScanArea3000-6000115-230
Filling Replacments (Tooth coloured material)
Dental Fillings Tooth-colored : 1st surfacesurface1,00039
Dental Fillings Tooth-colored : next surfacesurface50019
Base / Sub-base or LA for Fillings (only if required)syringe1505.7
Teeth Cleaning : mild calculus depositsurface1,30050
Teeth Cleaning : moderate calculus deposit & stainsurface1,50058
Teeth Cleaning : heavy calculus deposit & stainsurface2,00077
Scaling Teeth Cleaning and Fluoride Polishingsurface1,20039
Aesthetic Dentistry
Teeth Whitening
Zoom™ Tooth Whiteningcase10,000384
Pola Tooth Whiteningcase10,000384
BriteSmile® Tooth Whiteningcase17,000653
BriteSmile® with Airflowcase18,200700
BriteSmile® for Couplescouples29,0001,115
Home Tooth Bleaching Opalescence (ADA approved)case6,000230
Porcelain fused to standard alloycrown9,000346
Porcelain fused to semi-precious alloy >2%crown12,000462
Porcelain fused to semi-precious alloy >50%crown16,000615
Porcelain fused to high-precious alloy > 85%crown18,000692
All Ceramic eMaxcrown16,000615
3M Lava All Ceramicscrown17,000654
Crowns – All Ceramic 3M Lava (1 – 5 teeth)crown17,000-25,000615-961
Crowns – All Ceramic 3M Lava (>6 teeth)crown17,000-25,000615-962
Cercon Smart Ceramicscrown17,000654
Procera All ceramiccrown17,000654
Crown Lengthening Surgerycrown7,500288
Porcelain Veneer : IPS Empress 11veneer9,000346
Porcelain Veneer : E Maxveneer12,000461
Composite Veneersveneer5,000192
Snap on Smile – populararch40,0001,538
Bridges : Per Crown Material Type * No. of Teeth in Bridgecrown20,000769
Endodontic Dentistry / Root Canal Treatment
Anterior toothtooth7,000269
Premolar tooth – 1 roottooth9,000346
Premolar tooth – 2 roottooth9,000346
Molar tooth – 3 roottooth11,000423
Molar tooth – 4 roottooth13,000500
Molar tooth – complex re-treatmenttooth14,000538
Core Build Uptooth1,50058
Emergency Treatment and temparary fillingtooth1,500-2,00058-80
Retreatment root canal treatment for anterior / premolar / molar teethtooth1,500-2,50058-96
Apically positioned flapper case4,000154
Connective Tissue graft – root averageper case4,000154
Free gingival graftper case5,000192
Gingivectomy per quadrantper quadrant5,000192
Gingivectomy per toothper tooth4,000154
Openflap debridementper case5,000192
Provisionan splinting – extra coronalper case1,50058
Root amputationper case5,000192
Root Planningper quadrant1,50058
Oral Surgery
Artifical eruptiontooth4,000154
Caldwell Lucarea5,000192
Debridgement and sulturearea2,00077
Inscision and drainagearea1,50058
Inscisional biopsyposition2,00077
Oro-antral fistuls closure with rotational flaparea4,000154
Resorbale suture & coagutaling agentpack30012
Surgical Extractionvisit2,00077
Surgical stentpiece30,0001,154
Surgical Removal of Impacted Tooth- simpletooth3,500135
Surgical Removal of Impacted Tooth- complextooth6,000231
Surgical Removal of Impacted Tooth- bone impacttooth5,000192
Tooth Extraction – simpletooth1,00039
Tooth Extraction – complextooth1,50058
Treatment of dry socketvisit40015
Treatment of alveolar fracturearch3,000115
Treatment of avulsion / subluxation – composite etch wirearea3,000115
Wisdom tooth extractiontooth2,500-6,00096-231
Prosthodontic Dentistry / Dentures
Metal Frame Denture : 1st teethplate10,000384
Each Additional Tooth on Denture Plateper tooth50019
Acrylic Resin Full denturejaw15,000577
Complete Full Denture per jawjaw15,0001,077
Plastic framework partial denture 1-7 teeth1-7 teeth4,000154
Metal framework partial dentureper piece10,000385
Reline complete dentureper piece1,50058
Rebase complete dentureper piece4,000154
Add tooth to exsisiting partial dentureper tooth60023
Root Canal Treatment
Front toothper tooth6,000230
Premolar toothper tooth8,000308
Molar toothper tooth10,000381
Fix Metal Bracescase60,0002,308
Clear Braces – Ceramic or Tooth-Colored Bracescase80,0003,077
Self-Ligating Braces –
Damon / 3M Gemini)
Clear Self-Ligating Braces – Damon Clear / 3M Clarity SLcase80,0003,077
Lingual Bracescase145,0005,577
Invisalign i7case95,0003654
Invisalign Litecase130,000 5000
Active Plateplate5,000192
Dental Implants
Surgical stentcase3000115
Bone graftcase20,000769
Sinus Liftcase40,0001,538
Over denturecase20,000769
Titanium Dental Implants
Single Missing Gap ReplacementsPrices quoted already includes the dental implant surgery fees, implant post, abutment and crown on implant.
Nobel Biocareimplant85,000 3,269
Straumann SLActiveimplant80,0003,077
AstraTechimplant85,000 3,269
Roxolid Dental Implantsimplant850003,269
Straumann Roxoild SLA –
ADA Approved
Straumann Roxolid SLActive – ADA Approvedimplant850003,269
Straumann Roxolid SLActive Immediate Loadimplant850003,269
Multiple Missing Gaps ReplacementPrices are quoted inclusive of surgery fees, implant posts, abutments and tooth bridge.
Dental Implant Bridge2 implants with 3 units bridge
Intralock Implant Bridgecase160,0006,153
ITI Straumann Roxolid Bridgecase190,000 7308
AstraTech Bridgecase190,0007,308
Nobel Biocare Bridgecase190,0007,308
Dental Implant Bridge2 implants with 4 units bridge
Intralock Implant Bridgecase180,0006,923
ITI Straumann Roxolid Bridgecase210,0008,077
AstraTech Bridgecase210,0008,077
Nobel Biocare Bridgecase210,0008,077
Full Jaw or Full Arch Gap ReplacementsPrices are quoted for per jaw inclusive of surgery fees, implants and prostheses
Dental Implant Dentures
IntralockCase. Full Arch Reconstruction with 2 Implants & Over dentures170,0006,538
IntralockCase. Full Arch Reconstruction with 4 Implants & Over dentures300,00011,538
Implant Bridges
4 implants + bridge(10 unit crowns)Case. Full Arch Reconstruction with 2 Implants & Fixed Bridges400,00015,385
6 implants + Bridge(12 unit crowns)Case. Full Arch Reconstruction with 2 Implants & Fixed Bridges540,00020,769
All-on-4 and All-on-6 ImmediateCase. Full Arch Reconstruction with All-on-4 & All-on-6s
All-on-4 + Hybrid Acrylic Bridgebridge350,00013,461
All-On-5 + Hybrid Acrylic Bridgebridge390,00015,000
All-on-6 + Hybrid Acrylic Bridgebridge430,00016,538
Zygoma Implantsimplant580,00022,308
Immediate Dental Implant1 trip implant70,000 -90,0002,692-3,461
2 Locator Mini-implant with overdenturesimplant80,0003077
4 Locator Mini-implant with overdenturesimplant99,5003827
2 Implant Overdenturesimplant150,0005770
4 Implant Overdenturesimplant270,00010,384
4 Implant Fixed Bridge (10 unit)implant342,00013,153
6 Implant Fixed Bridge (12 unit)implant462,00017,769
Pediatric Dentistry
Amalgam filling – 1 surfaceper surface30012
Amalgam filling – 2 surfaces2 surfaces40015
Amalgam filling – 3 surfaces3 surfaces50019
Prophylaxis polishingcase3004
Polishing & Fluride applicationcase60023
Pulpotomy – anterior or posterior teethcase1,20046
Pulpectomy – anterior or posterior teethcase1,50058
Stip crowncase2,00080
SSC for permanent toothcase1,50058
Space Maintainer – B & Loop – distal shoecase2,50096
Space Maintainer – Bilateralcase3,500135
Space Maintainer – Appliance removal & cleaningcase35013
Space Maintainer – Removable space maintainercase4,000154
Space Maintainer – Removable orthodontic appliancecase4,000154


  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • AUD rates are based upon calculating the exchange rate of AUD 1 = THB 26 and are rounded off to the next decimal place
  • The prices in Thai Baht – THB are indicative prices “beginning from” only.
  • Due to the nature of changing exchange rates, your final treatment price will be set based on your one on one consultation with the dentist prior to your treatment.
  • Thai Baht – THB hospital prices above are current as of June 2015
  • The AUD rates change daily, so we recommend contacting Overseas Dental Solutions for a comprehensive treatment plan.

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