SINUS LIFT SURGERY Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok, Thailand


The distance between the opposing teeth and the alveolar process is put into consideration when considering sinus lift. Overseas Dental Solutions has years of experience in providing sinus lift for dental implant, dental surgery tooth implant Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok Thailand. Some of the clinical advantages of Zimmer sinus lift balloon are as follows: if tear occurs, it serves as a delivery tool for collagen membranes, it can be used with minimally invasive and traditional, the amount of fluid used in inflating the balloon is directly proportional to the volume of the graft material required and it assures the appropriate positioning for containment of the bone graft.

Get the Sinus Lift for Dental Implant in Thailand

Overseas Dental Solution provides treatment by the experienced dentists for Sinus Lift Dental Clinic in Bangkok. They have years of experience in doing sinus lift for dental implant in Thailand. Sinus lift surgery in Pattaya is available at very affordable prices.  

We use many approaches before carrying out sinus lift surgery in Pattaya. The distance between the alveolar process and the opposing teeth is considered before the surgery.

We perform Zimmer sinus lift balloon. It has several advantages like:

  • It serves as a delivery tool for collagen membranes in case of tear.
  • It is minimally invasive treatment for sinus lift.
  • The amount of fluid used to inflate the balloon is directly proportional to the graft material volume. This ensures the correct position for bone graft containment.

Get best treatment from our dentists for teeth implants. Sinus lift Dental Clinic in Pattaya offers the same as in Sinus Lift Dental Clinic in Phuket.

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