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Written by admin on October 24, 2018
Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween season is upon us and the team at Overseas Dental Solutions have some suggestions to assist in protecting children from something more frightening than ghosts, spiders and zombies. Something even scarer for us health conscious people is a condition named tooth decay.

No doubt your children will go our “trick or treating” only to arrive home with a bucket load of “kid’s goodies” otherwise known as dental decaying sugary sweets. As a parent you are faced with the dealing with over sensitive, hyperactive and irate children, which is all due to the over consumption of sugary sweets.

The best way to avoid such children who have too much sweets for Halloween is not to have the child eat as many sweets. Yes l know, easier said than done!

Dental Hygiene during Halloween

So what can be done prior to your child gowning through the bucket of sweets and consuming them? First and foremost only give your child a small amount to consume. Secondly go through the bucket of sweets to reduce the type of sweets the child us allowed to eat. Below is a list of the most damaging sweets to the lest damaging sweets that your Halloween trick or treat Buckets will contain.

Sour containing sweets. Sweets that are sour are the most dangerous as the acids in the sweets dissolve dental enamel on contact. Avoid these types of sweets at all times.

Hard or Chewy Sweets. Hard and chewy sweets do damage as children will generally try to bite into it which may result in their tooth being chipped off. Such sweets require the child to keep it in their moths for some time, which then sticks to the surface of the teeth, in between teeth and on orthodontic devices. It can be difficult to get sweets off that are stuck on teeth.

Powered Sweets such as sherbets are so very popular. These types of sweets are dissolved when saliva makes contact with the sugar, so it’s least likely to cause a lot of harm to teeth.

Bars. These are just so many out on the market such as Mars Bar, Snickers Bar, Crunchie Bar, Flake and Turkish Delight only to name a few. These bars contain a huge amount of sugar but are not lollies as such and are generally coated in chocolate. Chocolate does weaken tooth enamel slowly by sticking to the surface of the teeth. So brushing teeth to take off the sticky surface of chocolate is imperative. If the bar is just full of sugar such as a Choo Choo bar or Raspberry Red, then the sugar acid immediately attacks the tooth surface.

The better option id the sugar free sweets for Halloween. These come in all sorts of types of sweets from hard variety like the boiled lollies and lollipops to chewable variety like gummy bears and jelly beans and chocolate bars.

Ensure that children’s teeth are brushed very well after Halloween Celebration to maintain great dental health. Even after Halloween, ensure that if your children wants sweets- choose those that are less damaging and less evasive on these teeth and gums. Choose sweets that don’t stick to teeth and those that don’t take too long to eat.

If your children are at risk of getting cavities due to the high levels of sweets being eaten or have sore teeth, feel free to call to discuss the options for re-paring those teeth.