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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


7 Reasons Why To Choose Overseas Dental Solutions

  • We Are Dental Experts

    By living and breathing with “dental” all our lives (as a dental technician) we have a unique in depth understanding of dental procedures and treatments. Training in the dental field and having over 25 years of technical practice history makes us masterful .We are the real Mc Coy….the experts in our field.


  • We Help You To Get Peace Of Mind

    Overseas Dental Solution’s takes the time to talk you through the process and medical procedures. We ensure time is taken to discuss with you, your suitability and the possible options you may have. We unscramble medical terminology and explain it, in an easy straight forward manner.


    You have the option to book a 30 minute consultation with an expert technician to discuss your particular requirements. A small fee does apply, but it’s an easy choice for your peace of mind. Just call us to arrange it.


  • Overseas Dental Solutions Takes The Hastle Out Of Planning Your Affairs

    It’s all about you and tailoring our extensive support system, to meet your complete and individual travel requirements. From booking the hospital, flight, transfers, to dining at a beautiful restaurant, we can arrange it all for you, easily and efficiently.


  • Provide Assurance Via World Accredited Hospitals

    As facilitators, the hospital networks that support us are backed by global strict medical accreditations and standards. Quite simply they are leaders in the medical field.


  • Amazing Savings For You

    It’s a known fact that thousands of people across the world are traveling abroad for medical treatments. The number one reason is to save on exorbitant costs charged in the Western world. Overseas Dental Solutions are able to show you how to save a whopping 50-70% on the cost of your treatment.


  • Your Complete Privacy Via Exclusive Tour With A Host From Overseas Dental Solutions

    Whether it’s traveling on your own or with a group, we are here to help. We understand that you want to experience the benefits of treatments in the comfort and privacy of exotic Thailand.


    Others may wish to have access to exclusive VIP service, were your absolute privacy form the camera’s is essential.


  • Guarantee

    We stand by our commitment to you as a patient, that whilst you are in Thailand and in the unlikely event that you do not want to go ahead with the surgery, you will not be penalised.

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