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Why travel overseas for dental treatment?

Why travel overseas for dental treatment?


Why travel overseas for dental treatment?

Over the past few years, dental tourism has gained popularity, not just in Australia, but also in the developed countries of Europe and the US. There are a number of beneficial reasons for people are travelling overseas for dental work, let’s consider a few.


Lower cost of dental are

Almost one-third of the people needing dental care avoid visiting a dentist due to the high cost. Tests, consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and surgery can also burn a hole in your pocket. Dental costs have risen steeply on an annual basis. Faced with such high costs, many people avoid visiting a dentist for as long as possible. But we at Overseas Dental Solutions have found more affordable alternatives for you in Thailand. Thailand offers dental treatment for around 50% to 70% less when compared to cost of the same treatment in Australia.


Dental costs are not totally covered by Insurance in Australia

Often, the dental treatment that you need is not totally covered by insurance. This means that you would need to fund most of the expenses from your own pocket. If your insurance isn’t paying anyway, why not seek out a less expensive treatment?


Faster treatment

Getting dental treatment in Australia can mean several visits to the dentist. This could take months, as the waiting lists are long. However, when you travel to Thailand, you will get appointments planned in quick succession, and the treatment is completed within a matter of days.


Word-class facilities

The first thing that comes to a person’s mind when they think about going to Thailand for dental care is concern over the quality of the facilities. In reality, this concern is totally unnecessary. Medical facilities in Thailand are world renowned, have state of the art equipment and surgeries.


World leading dentists

Traveling to Thailand for dental work, you will be treated by professional dentists, who have years of experience in their area of specialisation. The skills of the dentist themselves are first class and are on par with world standards. Furthermore, the Thailand government is committed in continuing training and development of high calibre dentists. There are two universities in the nation that are well renowned for producing such high quality dental practitioners – Chulalongkol University and Mahidol University.

You can also rest assured that your dentist will speak English, so you will be able to communicate. Many dentists in Thailand have travelled the world and visited English speaking countries.


Mix dental care with pleasure

While you are in Thailand, being treated by leading dentists and dental surgeons at a hospital that has world-class facilities, you can also enjoy a relaxing getaway. Bangkok is famous for its tourist attractions like the Grand Palace and City Pillar Shrine. Between your dental appointments, you can visit Wat Pho to view the reclining Buddha and Wat Arun in the capital, or unwind and relax at the breath-taking beaches of Phuket. Animal lovers can visit the Bangkok museum, the Safari World and will also enjoy the adventure of shopping at the floating market.


So, here’s your chance to save money and have a great time travelling alone or with your family and friends. Don’t take time off from work to go for multiple sittings at a dentist clinic in Australia. Visit Thailand for a holiday instead and get that beautiful smile you’re always secretly wanted.


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